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Check if role exists in DB?

I want to add users to the same role in more than one database. However the role may or may not be present in each database. How can I check if the role exists in each database and if it does, add users to that role? e.g. IF role exists BEGIN Add user in role END Answer try:

SQL method to replace repeating blanks with single blanks

Is there a more elegant way of doing this. I want to replace repeating blanks with single blanks…. (its sql server 2000 – but I would prefer generic SQL) Answer Here is a simple set based way that will collapse multiple spaces into a single space by applying three replaces. Your Update statement can now be set based: Use an

generate days from date range

I would like to run a query like select … as days where `date` is between ‘2010-01-20’ and ‘2010-01-24’ And return data like: days ———- 2010-01-20 2010-01-21 2010-01-22 2010-01-23 2010-01-…

How to verify if two tables have exactly the same data?

Basically, we have one table (original table) and it is backed up into another table (backup table); thus the two tables have exactly the same schema. In the beginning, both tables (original table and backup table) contains exactly the same set of data. After some time for some reason, I need to verify whether dataset in the original table has

Finding duplicate rows in SQL Server

I have a SQL Server database of organizations, and there are many duplicate rows. I want to run a select statement to grab all of these and the amount of dupes, but also return the ids that are associated with each organization. A statement like: Will return something like But I’d also like to grab the IDs of them. Is

How to create a summary view from multiple views?

Given I have the following view where N=1..100 Currently we have summary views which insert to a table like The table is then used to create an overall summary like Is there a way to create summary_view_all_plants without having to create each individual summary_view_N? I would like to be able to iterate though a list of reports and dynamically generate

Oracle find a constraint

I have a constraint called users.SYS_C00381400. How do I find what that constraint is? Is there a way to query all constraints?