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SQL View with ID column

I’m working with a SQL view that I created but I want to add in an ID column (identity seed) as the current one has none. How can I accomplish this in SQL View?

Can we hide some rows in MySQL?

Say we retrieve table data from a php code. 1- Without delete and restore particular rows from the table and, 2- Without having a column “hidden” (values are 0 or 1) and using the query SELECT ….. …

Table-less UNION query in MS Access (Jet/ACE)

This works as expected: This fails with the error “Query input must contain at least one table or query”: Is this just a quirk/limitation of the Jet/ACE database engine or am I missing something? Answer You didn’t overlook anything. Access’ database engine will allow a single row SELECT without a FROM data source. But if you want to UNION or

Oracle, Make date time’s first day of its month

I have a datevariable, I would like to have convert it to first day of its monh, Eg: 10/10/2010 -> 01/10/2010 Eg: 31/07/2010 -> 01/07/2010 Answer According to, this should work a dandy…

How do I import a sql data file into SQL Server?

I have a .sql file and I am trying to import it into SQL Server 2008. What is the proper way to do this? Answer If you are talking about an actual database (an mdf file) you would Attach it .sql files are typically run using SQL Server Management Studio. They are basically saved SQL statements, so could be anything.