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ORA-00933 in ODI procedure

I’m mapping two table in ODI and I have a problem.

i’ve mapped the source table to the target table (called DM_BUSINESS with the columns BUSINESS_ID, NAME, ADDRESS). After that I’ve created a procedure with:

UPDATE dm_business SET name = CONCAT(name, CONCAT(' ', address)) WHERE name IN (SELECT name FROM dm_business GROUP BY name HAVING COUNT (business_id)>1);

When I run this query myself, with SQLDeveloper, I have no problem and it all works fine: it adds the address of the business to its name, when there are more than one business with the same name. When I run the procedure with this task, it gives me error ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended. I have choosen “Oracle” as target technology. What do I do wrong?

Can you help me? Thank you very much.



You should remove the semicolon to run it as an SQL statement or wrap your UPDATE with BEGIN..END to run it as a PL/SQL block:

   UPDATE ... ;
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