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Is there any method to find number of columns having data in pyspark data frame

I have a pyspark data frame that has 7 columns, I have to add a new column named “sum” and calculate a number of columns that have data (Not null) in the sum column.Example a data frame in which yellow highlighted part is required answer



This sum can be calculated like this:

df = spark.createDataFrame([
    (1, "a", "xxx", None, "abc", "xyz","fgh"), 
    (2, "b", None, 3, "abc", "xyz","fgh"),
    (3, "c", "a23", None, None, "xyz","fgh")
], ("ID","flag", "col1", "col2", "col3", "col4", "col5"))

from pyspark.sql import functions as F
from pyspark.sql.types import IntegerType

df2 = df.withColumn("sum",sum([(~F.isnull(df[col])).cast(IntegerType()) for col in df.columns]))
| ID|flag|col1|col2|col3|col4|col5|sum|
|  1|   a| xxx|null| abc| xyz| fgh|  6|
|  2|   b|null|   3| abc| xyz| fgh|  6|
|  3|   c| a23|null|null| xyz| fgh|  5|

Hope this helps!

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