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How to use this laravel query builder for this SQL Query

I have this query:

SELECT `topic_posts`.*, `users`.`id` AS `adminID`, `users`.`name` as `adminName` FROM `topic_posts` INNER JOIN `topics` ON `topics`.`id` = `topic_posts`.`topic` INNER JOIN `users` ON `users`.`id` = `topic_posts`.`player` WHERE `users`.`playerAdminLevel` > 0 AND `topics`.`type` = 0 GROUP BY (`topic_posts`.`id`)

And I want to use in Laravel, something like:

$result = DB::table('topic_posts`)->join..etc And also, to use ->paginate(20)

How can I do that?


There are few possibilities to achieve what you need.

Pure select, with your whole SQL query:

DB::select('select topic_posts,* .....');

Check for more here:

Or you can also go in the way you started building query, like:

        ->join('topics', '', '=', 'topic_posts.topic')
        ->join('users', '', '=', 'topic_posts.player')
        ->select('`topic_posts`.*', '') ... 

More can be found here: