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How to obtain row for minimum date for a value that is equal to the value in maximum date, per group?

I am trying to obtain row for a query.. where row value1, value2 in minimum end_date is equal to the max end_date, per group of id’s.

My current query only obtains the row value1, value2 from the max end_date in the query result:

select, a.end_date, a.value1, a.value2
from table1 as a
inner join (
    select id, max(end_date) as end_date
    from database1
    group by id
) as b 
on = and a.end_date = b.end_date
order by id, end_date

This result obtains the most recent record, but I’m looking to obtain the row where value1 & value2 in min(end_date = max(end_date), grouped by id.

Here is an example query detailing what I want to obtain:

id end_date value1 value2
AAPL 02/12/22 2 1
AAPL 02/13/22 2 1
AAPL 02/14/22 3 2
AAPL 02/15/22 3 2
MSFT 03/01/22 2 5
MSFT 03/02/22 4 5
MSFT 03/03/22 4 5
MSFT 03/04/22 4 5

From this previous query, the query that I need to obtain is the following:

id end_date value1 value2
AAPL 02/14/22 3 2
MSFT 03/02/22 4 5

So once again, I need the row where value1, value2 in min(end_date) = max(end_date), grouped by id.


You can do it with row_number()

select id, end_date, value1, value2
from (
   select t1.*, row_number() over(partition by order by t1.end_date) rn
   from tbl t1
   join (
     select id, end_date, value1, value2
     from (
       select t.*, row_number() over(partition by id order by end_date desc) rn
       from tbl t
     ) t
     where rn = 1
   ) t2 on = and t1.value1 = t2.value1 and t1.value2 = t2.value2 
) t
where rn = 1