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How to group consecutive rows with same values in a result table into groups with date_from and date_until

I have a simple database table (Postgres) consisting of 3 attributes (f1,f2 and f3) ordered by date. (db<>fiddle).

I want to transform (group?) the result into the following table:

f1 f2 f3 beginn end
A A A 31.12.2017 05.01.2018
B B B 06.01.2018 10.01.2018
A A A 11.01.2018 16.01.2018

I tried (but obviously failed) with:

   ,MIN(datum) AS beginn
   ,MAX(datum) AS end
   test1 a
GROUP BY 1,2,3

I tried a bit with window-functions but that wasn’t leading to anywhere.

Do you have any ideas how I can get to the desired result?



If you enumerate the rows for each combination of f1, f2, and f3, then subtract that number of days from datum, then the value will be constant on adjacent days where the three columns are the same.

The rest is just aggregation:

select f1, f2, f3, min(datum), max(datum)
from (select t1.*,
             row_number() over (partition by f1, f2, f3 order by datum) as seqnum
      from test1 t1
     ) t1
group by f1, f2, f3, datum - seqnum * interval '1 day'
order by min(datum);

Here is a db<>fiddle.