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Creating a view for summary

I have a table of questions. The questions can be high priority, low priority, open/answered. What is the best way to create a summary. Should I use a view or several stored procedures?

Table example:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[question] (
    [Id]            INT          NOT NULL,
    [Priority]      INT          NOT NULL,
    [State]         INT          NOT NULL)

I think creating a view with 4 columns is the best: OpenQuestionHighPriority, OpenQuestionLowPriority, ClosedQuestionHighPriority,ClosedQuestionLowPriority.

Like to know how to do this or other suggestions.



You could query that with a case:

select  sum(case when priority = 1 and state = 1 then 1 end) 
            as OpenQuestionHighPriority
,       sum(case when priority = 1 and state = 2 then 1 end) 
            as ClosedQuestionHighPriority
from    dbo.question

You could store this query in a view, a procedure, or execute it as ad-hoc SQL. It will work in either form.