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cannot get simple PostgreSQL insert to work

I’m trying to do a simple insert into a postgres table, but am getting an error that the value I’m trying to insert is being interpreted as a column name

INSERT INTO "imageTagBusinessMainCategory"
(id, businessMainCategory)
(DEFAULT, "auto dealer")

Where id is set up to be the primary key, and auto increment, and not null. Those are the boxes I ticked when I set up the table in phpPgAdmin.

I’m getting this error though:

ERROR: ERROR: column "auto dealer" does not exist
Query = INSERT
INTO "imageTagBusinessMainCategory"
(id, businessMainCategory)
"auto dealer")

I’ve put my table name in double quotes, as I’ve read here I should.

And used DEFAULT to auto-increment the id as I’ve read here I should.

Any ideas? Thanks!



Use 'auto dealer' instead. PostgreSQL interprets " as being quotes for identifiers, ' as being quotes for strings.


  • If this is a new project, just don’t use mixed case tables; it is a source of frustration later. Instead of being able to use any case in your SQL statements, you must both quote the identifier name and get the case correct.

  • There is no need to specify id/DEFAULT, you’re asking it to do what it would have done already. I haven’t met a DBMS that requires you to include columnName/DEFAULT if you want it to put the default value in the column, so I don’t think this extra KV pair is going to make what is happening clearer to anyone reading your code later.

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