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Calculating the number of dates in specific year, between two dates

I’m trying to figure this out, but it’s driving me insane! How do I calculate in SQL the number of days that are in a specific year between two dates? For example: we have the range date [12/30/2016-01/05/2017]. If I need to find how many days are in 2017 between this range of dates, it would be 5 days. How is that done in SQL?



You didn’t specify your dbms, but in general terms:

  • Get the 1st day of the @EndDate year i.e. January 1, 2017
  • Then calculate the days difference between @FirstOfYear and @EndDate

For example in MySQL, you could use MAKEDATE() to get the first of the year. Then DATEDIFF() to calculate the number of days

SET @StartDate = '2016-12-30';
SET @EndDate = '2017-01-05';  

SELECT DateDiff(@endDate, MAKEDATE(Year(@endDate),1)) + 1 AS DaysInEndDateYear


| DaysDiffValue|
| ----------------: |
|                 5 |

If you also need to handle ranges where both @StartDate and @EndDate are in the same year:

SET @StartDate = '2017-01-05';
SET @EndDate = '2017-03-14';  

SELECT CASE WHEN Year(@StartDate) = Year(@EndDate) THEN DateDiff(@EndDate, @StartDate) + 1
            ELSE DateDiff(@endDate, MAKEDATE(Year(@endDate),1)) + 1
       END AS DaysInEndDateYear


| DaysInEndDateYear |
| ----------------: |
|                69 |

db<>fiddle here

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