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Tag: sql

Shapiro-Wilk test

In PL/SQL, I want to calculate the Shapiro-Wilk value of my selected data. Apparently, the function DBMS_STAT_FUNCS.normal_dist_fit is able to do it, but it takes a table name as a parameter, and not the result of a select. The values I am working with are numbers, selected after many inner joins. Here is a sample of my values for a

How to move decimal places in SQL

I want to place a decimal between the first and second digit of the interest rate and keep 2 trailing after the decimal. How do I go about doing this? SELECT TOP 10 l.PARENTACCOUNT AS [Account Number]…

How to transpose NULL value to 00:00

I have a view that gets data from an internet database. The view I created works, but when there is no data (NULL) I need it to return 00:00. How can I achieve this? Using SSMS I am getting the starttime of booked resources. I already get them in the right way. But sometimes it returns NULL. I searched the