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Tag: sql

Subquery django query to get biggest disctint values from objects and return those objects

So I have this query that I need to re-filter to get just the biggest taken_at field’s value from distinct meter id, but I cannot get the django orm’s/sql part to makes this query. <QuerySet [<Reading: [127] meter installation: 29, type: 1, taken: 2019-10-07 16:06:48.101453+00:00 value: 78.0000, comment: , VAT: 22.00>, <Reading: [126] meter installation: 41, type: 2, taken: 2019-10-07

Create table with composite attribute/columns in sqlite3

I have to create a Table in the SQLite database, however, I am unable to find the syntax where I can define composite attribute/columns while creating the table.In this ER diagram, I have a composite attribute as a DateOfPurchase of the Bicycle So could some please help me with this, Thanks in advance. Answer See here: the last added field

Build combined table from 2 uneven tables

I have 2 uneven tables which I am trying to build into 1 table, each table has a date and ID to join with, the issue is that sometime 1 table can have rows with no matching date in 2nd table Initially table 2 seemed to always have an entry for table 1 so I was doing a left join

SQL Count Number Of Classmates For a Student Across All Courses

I have the following tables: Student: Student_ID (PK), Student_Name Course: Course_ID (PK), Course_Name Enrollment: Student_ID (FK), Course_ID (FK) I need 2 queries: A query that computes for each student id in the Student table the total number of different (Unique) classmates that this student has across all courses. If the student is not enrolled in any courses 0 should be

Sql select count use five condion

i count to some row form my database in five condition use the sql query it’s work with 0 if i put the number more than 0 then it not show any result. please help . it’s work with script $query33=…