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How to trim leading zero in Hive

How to trim leading zero in Hive, I search too much on google but I didn’t get any correct thing which is useful for my problem. If digit is “00000012300234” want result like “12300234” Answer nothing to do just cast the string in INT it will return 12300234

How to maintain uniqueness during SQL Join within Access-VBA function?

I currently have the following Access VBA function: What this is doing is taking the tableName table and inner joining with the newTableName table’s Field1 to Field4 on commonField. Note that Field4 will be the same as commonField, since it needs to be selected to perform the join. In order to convey my intended behavior, I must explain how tableNameTemp’s

Using a query for Single field in Access Report

I am new to access. I have a report with a query(Q1) as its data source. Is it possible to use another query(Q2) only for one field in the same report? My main query is: My report’s structure is like this: As you can see, in the report I group my data using the Lastname column then I show details

SQL – Remove all HTML tags in a string

In my dataset, I have a field which stores text marked up with HTML. The general format is as follows: <html><head></head><body><p>My text.</p></body></html> I could attempt to solve the problem by doing the following: However, this is not a strict rule as some of entries break W3C Standards and do not include <head> tags for example. Even worse, there could be

Having trouble with IF condition using SQL

I cannot seem to get this IF statement to step into the Call Expiry part it goes to the else therefore I can only assume there is something wrong with my condition. I’m trying to fetch the contract status from an access table Investment Data WHERE Customer Number is the Customer Number on the current spreadsheet. (There is only 1